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How to help those that are grieving

One of the worst experiences we are faced with in life is loss and bereavement. Some people will be fortunate to have never experienced any kind of grief and unfortunately others are all too familiar with the feelings of loss and bereavement. The Oxford English Dictionary defines grief as “intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.” This is as…

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What is Palliative Care and Why is It Needed?

No-one wants to think about becoming ill or being faced with the harsh reality of mortality. However, if you have been told that you may not get better then you might hear the term Palliative Care mentioned. But what is it? Palliative care is generally for people living with a terminal illness where a cure is no longer possible….

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Grief and Its Power

There’s no escaping it. When grief arrives in our lives in its various forms there is no hiding from it, though some may try. At it’s worst it can be all consuming and feel as if we will never escape from it and for others, it can make them feel empty and a shell of their former selves. There…

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